Articles That STEMulate

Gender, race, and citizenship
Nature Communications: The preeminence of ethnic diversity in scientific communication
Inside Higher Ed: Foreign Students and Graduate STEM enrollment
Nature comment: How the entire scientific community can confront gender bias in the workplace
SAFE (Survey of Academic Field Experiences) studies: 2014, 2017
Southern Fried Science: Speaking out about sexual harassment in shark science
American Scientist: Harassment in Science
Inside Higher Ed: Navigating harassment as a young black femme
Nature: Excluded, intimidated and harassed: LGBT physicists face discrimination
Boston University: Is science too straight? LGBTQ+ issues in STEM diversity
Nature: LGBTQ+ issues in STEM diveristy
Scientific American: Confronting sexual harassment in science
PEW Social Trends: Blacks in STEM jobs are especially concerned about diversity and discrimination in the workplace

Mental Health
Nature career column: Seven steps towards health and happiness in the lab
The Conversation: Mindfulness can help PhD students shift from surviving to thriving
Nature Article, Careers and Recruitment: Evidence for a mental health crisis in graduate education
Science Mag: Grad school depression almost took me to the end of the road - but I found a new start
Nature World View: First law of leadership: be human first, scientist second

Getting Involved
Nature career feature: Why graduate students should get involved in advocacy

Nature editorial: Stop exploitation of foreign postdocs in the United States
Under the Microscope: Postdoc Musings
Scientific American Guest Blog: The Awesomest 7-Year Postdoc or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tenure-Track Faculty Life

Google Sheets
U.S. Universities that Don’t Require the GRE for graduate admission
PhD and Postdoc websites